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Night Driver


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Eden Falls is a postcard come to life.

Nestled in the foothills of the Ganiyegi Mountains, the town is a picturesque slice of 1990s Americana. The downtown area is full of small businesses patronized by carefree citizens. Kids ride their bikes through tree-lined neighborhoods in search of a cure for their summertime boredom.

It’s an average day in an average town where nothing bad ever happens.

All that changes when a black 1969 Mercury Cougar speeds into town. Its vintage lines, rumbling exhaust, and eerie green headlights capture the attention of a trio of 12-year-old friends. 

Their awe becomes terror when townspeople start disappearing.

Believing the mysterious car’s driver to be responsible, the boys set off to find out who exactly is behind the wheel. Fueled by naive curiosity, they soon find themselves in danger as fear escalates through Eden Falls.

Will they find the driver? What will happen to them if they do?

Roll down the windows, crank up the radio, and take a ride with the Night Driver.

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