The Devil’s Backyard—Book 3 of the Herman Ingram suspense-thriller series

The third installment in the Herman Ingram suspense-thriller series is on the way. Our protagonist finds himself pulled into a seemingly unrelated series of events when an old friend enlists his help.

As a result, Herman finds himself entangled in the lives of a precocious child, her fiery mother, a shadowy vigilante group, and a conspiracy involving some of the state’s most powerful and influential people.

Falling further down the rabbit hole, he soon learns a very dark truth. Along the way, he finds out just how untouchable some people are.

At least in their own minds.

What will come of everything? Find out when Herman steps into The Devil’s Backyard.

Stay tuned for updates and check out the newest trailer below:

The Hangman’s Soliloquy

Jeb Bohn's The Hangman's Soliloquy

It’s been six months since the destruction of QNI’s headquarters. We find Herman Ingram in a mental tailspin. Despite being celebrated for his part in exposing the company’s corruption, Herman finds himself struggling to maintain his sanity.

As he inches closer to his breaking point, Herman is recruited by former QNI executive Greg Schultz. Because of his determination to eliminate the remaining facilities, Schultz invites Herman to document his quest. While Schultz is intelligent and driven, something darker is taking hold of him.

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Soundtracks are now available!

Jeb Bohn's suspense-thriller Bermuda.

Soundtracks are now available for ‘Bermuda’ and ‘The Hangman’s Soliloquy’. Each contains a variety of instrumental tracks created to enhance the experience of the reader.

Why? Because every good book deserves a soundtrack all its own.

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