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A man travels a desolate highway; fueled by demons, he’s chasing down a psychopath.

He’s haunted yet driven, hitting town after town in search of his quarry.

Can he stop the killings or will the maniac continue to stay one step ahead?

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Herman Ingram Book One

He wanted a story.

This one could cost him his life.

Herman—once a rising star at Washington, DC’s premiere newspaper—is in a rut. He’s young enough to remember the reasons he became a journalist and old enough that he’s lost faith.

A mysterious package detailing the conspiracy to add a strange adjuvant into a major water supply arouses his interest. 

With the clock ticking and an executioner closing in, Herman must decide how far he’s willing to go to expose the truth.

Will he live to become a hero or will he die in the shadows?

Get your copy and find out why readers are falling in love with Bermuda.

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The Herman Ingram Series





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Dead Men Don't Press Charges

"The Tall Man" Strikes Out On His Own

Hitman turned private investigator Perry Williams has turned over a new leaf.

At least he’s trying to.

His first client—a shady realtor named Barry Ezell—is in deep. To maintain his income, Barry rents hard-to-sell properties by the hour.

Things were fine until he found his most recent client—a wealthy pharmaceutical CEO—dead.

The case leads Perry down a path of fraud, embezzlement, and murder. 

Coming this fall