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Closing Time: The 1993 BE-LO Murders

June 6, 1993, is a typical Sunday in the town of Windsor, North Carolina.

Everything changes when police respond to a reported shooting at the BE-LO grocery store. Three people are dead. Questions are plenty while answers are scarce.

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I, Madman (A Herman Ingram Story)

ebook: I, Madman
People file into a warehouse in Southern Florida. Inside, a charismatic man works to recruit them to his quest for revenge.

This short story bridges the gap between Bermuda and The Hangman’s Soliloquy.

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The Devil's Backyard is Now Available!

The Devil's Backyard
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The third of the Herman Ingram suspense thriller books.

Thousands of children are reported missing each year…

Some are abducted by family, others by strangers…

Many face a fate darker than you could ever imagine…

The Herman Ingram Collection, Vol. 1

The Herman Ingram Collection, Vol. One
Get the first three entries in the Herman Ingram series, all in one ebook! Free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.



The Hangman’s Soliloquy

The Devil’s Backyard