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Herman Ingram needed a story. He found one, but telling it may cost his life.

Herman—once a rising star at Washington, DC’s premiere newspaper—is in a rut. He’s young enough to remember the reasons he became a journalist and old enough that he’s lost faith.

mysterious package arouses his interest, its contents spelling out a conspiracy to add a strange adjuvant into a major water supply. Herman learns the parcel was sent by George Wilman, one of two scientists working on the project; the second died after uncovering the true nature of the enterprise. Fearing his demise to be imminent, George shipped packets to several journalists, hoping to bring the scheme to light.

To silence the whistleblower, George’s employers dispatch an enigmatic hitman. They send other assassins to dispose of each recipient and soon close in on Herman.

With the clock ticking and an executioner closing in, Herman must decide how far he’s willing to go to expose the truth. Will he live to become a hero or will he die in the shadows? Is everything as it seems or is there more just below the surface?

Bermuda paperback


A sudden and powerful thunderstorm rolls into Bisbee, Arizona. News of the phenomena breaks on a local radio station as the host is plunged into a surreal nightmare. Calls pour in, detailing grisly scenes transpiring throughout the town.

What, exactly, is going on?