jeb bohn

jeb bohn

Meet The Author

Jeb Bohn is a writer, drummer, and author of the Herman Ingram series. A lover of storytelling, Jeb has spent close to a decade enthralling readers across multiple genres. Through emphasizing humanity, humor, and character, he crafted the sarcastic journalist-turned-unlikely hero Herman Ingram. The character has since appeared in three novels, with more in the future.

Jeb received the title of Best American Thriller Author at the 2023 Media Innovator Awards. He also captured Best Sport History Author for North Carolina hockey chronicle, A Storm In Carolina. The book was further named as “One of the Best New Professional Hockey Books” by BookAuthority.

When Jeb isn’t watching the Carolina Hurricanes or his repeated viewings of RoboCop, he works from his home in Greenville, North Carolina. In his downtime, he enjoys family trips with his significant other and two children. He also makes a mean pot of chili.

Awards and Accolades:

A Storm In Carolina is named one of the best new professional hockey books by BookAuthority
Jeb Bohn is named Best American Thriller Author at the 2023 Media Innovators Awards
BSHA Award-min

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