jeb bohn

jeb bohn

My Story

I’m just a guy who enjoys entertaining people with words. I typically focus on stories about people in situations where what they want/need to do is at odds with their continued survival.

You’ve gotta have stakes, after all.

That said, I’ll do my best to better explain who I am, what I do, and why I do it.

Storytelling is something I’ve always been enthralled by. It started when I was young, naturally, since kids love telling stories and exaggerating the truth.

I loved movies and books; the act of watching a well-told story unfold mesmerized me. It made such an impact that I thought to myself “hey, I want to try that!”

So I did.

The first thing I wrote was a sequel to the Steven Spielberg classic Duel. It wasn’t very good, and the illustrations—done by me—were amateurish at best.

Still, I loved it. I gave it to my mom, who (of course) loved it. I’m sure her reaction was solely motivated by parental obligation, but the support drove me to continue.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“Jeb, how could you possibly top an illustrated, unauthorized sequel to a movie based on a piece of literature?”

That’s an excellent question.

I did the only thing possible. I wrote a sequel to Stephen King’s directorial debut, Maximum Overdrive.

That’s right, and it was every bit as glorious as you would imagine.

Okay, Your Name is Jeb Bohn and You Wrote Knock-Offs as a Kid...

And that was it for a while.

I moved 1800 miles away (for all of 6 months), I played in bands, and I didn’t write…much.

The love was still there, but I didn’t make it a priority.

Then, in early 2014, I decided enough time had passed. I wrote a few short stories and I had a blast doing it.

One of those short stories—The Last Cigarette—focused on a man estranged from his loved ones. He’s having an ordinary day, wandering through his malaise, when an emergency alert notifies him that nuclear war has broken out.

That premise eerily became reality in 2018 when Hawaii fell victim to a false missile alert. Thankfully, the people of Hawaii handled the event in a much more composed manner than those in my story.

Now, let’s rewind to December 2017.

Inspired by a Vivid Dream

I was dealing with a lot of inner turmoil. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a bit of an existential crisis. I had a dream, a strange dream, one that stuck with me long after I woke up. I was in a strange hospital—at least I believed it to be a hospital.

There was a commotion outside, a protest monitored by some sort of military or police force. It was all part of some bigger story, and it became the impetus for my first full-length novel, Bermuda.

For the protagonist, I went to a story idea I had years earlier about a journalist investigating a financial scandal. The decision was made to keep the name—Herman Ingram.

I don’t know what inspired that name in the first place; I just liked it, so I kept it.

As the story unfolded, Herman took on many of my traits: he’s cynical and sarcastic, but also determined.

While it wasn’t conceived as a series, I grew attached to the characters. As a result, Herman spawned two more novels:

The Hangman’s Soliloquy

The Devil’s Backyard

I also decided to dive into horror, since it’s a genre that I’ve always been a fan of. Moving forward, I have projects in the works that cover suspense, horror, and non-fiction.

I like to keep busy.

“keeping busy”

Of course, writing isn’t the only passion dealt with on this site. In my blog, you’ll find articles touching on music, movies, hockey, and aviation. I enjoy sharing information, especially about topics that hold my interest, and connecting with those who share those interests.

Thank you for stopping by and—if you’ve read this far—bless you.

Till we meet again…