Kill The Messenger

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Meet Herman Ingram. He’s crass, sarcastic, and our best shot at exposing the truth.

How far would you go to find the truth? Independent journalist Herman Ingram has yet to meet his limit. He’s covered everything from corrupt politicians to corporate espionage. Despite the risks, he’s always ready to expose the evil and unethical.

An unexpected package arrives, piquing Herman’s interest. Inside, he finds a detailed plan to introduce a man-made compound into a major water supply. He researches the company at the center of the plot. This leads to a horrifying discovery: one of their top scientists recently died under mysterious circumstances. More concerning is the speed at which the investigation wrapped up, ruling the death an accident.

The package came from George Wilman, a highly lauded chemical engineer employed by the same company. Once he committed to exposing the scheme, George went on the run. Herman knows his best hope lies in finding the missing scientist; he also knows that he isn’t the only person trying to chase the man down.

With the help of a small group of journalists, Herman leaves to find the elusive researcher and stop the nefarious project. The stakes of the situation hit Herman like a freight train: if he continues his crusade, he could become the next victim. Ignoring everything puts millions of people will in danger.

The clock is ticking. Will Herman expose the truth, or will he become another victim?


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13 reviews for Kill The Messenger

  1. RoxyAshie

    One of the most exhilarating books I have read in a long time. Witty, descriptive, and full of action. I will definitely be passing this one along.

  2. Margaret C. Blythe

    This book has thrills, chills, and has an edge-of-your-seat suspense that will make you not want to put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys getting lost in good writing with a good strong plot. I look forward to Jeb Bohn’s future books.

  3. Shelley

    Jeb Bohn has written an outstanding debut thriller.

    When a scientist at a water treatment facility in Bermuda FL stumbles across something that is not quite right at the facility he attempts to bring it to the attention of others and pays for his efforts with his life. A week later his work accidentally ends up on the desk of another scientist at the same facility. He doesn’t try to go to management, he goes on the run with samples of unknown substances from the facility. Soon he finds out that he’s being tracked and he dumps his car. He then sets out to contact as many journalists and radio talk shows he possibly can but then some of them start getting stalked and murdered.

    Meanwhile George (the scientist) knows he too will probably be murdered for what he’s trying to do.
    In the interim, some of the people he’s contacted and sent packets of paperwork to start either being stalked or dying.

    The publisher’s summary is very good and I don’t want to add anymore for fear of spoiling this book for anyone. I found myself completely absorbed and wanting to know the outcome.

    Fred Greenspan is the narrator. When he speaks in his own speaking voice I found it very pleasant. The problem occurred when he attempted to change his voice for other characters… Everyone came out sounding nasally and cartoonish. I think if this narrator would just stick with his own voice he would do very well.

    In my opinion this is a very worthwhile book to read/listen to and is Very HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
    If you found this review helpful please indicate so.
    Thank You.

  4. Jomando

    Very suspenseful a great read.

  5. K. C. Parrott

    Disclaimer: I personally know the author of this book and have played in bands with him in the past.

    Bermuda starts off with a chase sequence. It feels chaotic and you feel like you’re the one being chased along with the character. It never lets up from there. Dialogue and characters are well written. The plot kept my interest the whole way through. Watching the pieces come together as I turned page after page was awesome to experience. I’m normally not a big suspense thriller guy. I tend to read more space opera or military sci-fi personally. This book’s characters keep me intrigued from start to finish though. Jeb does a great job of not giving everything away at once. He always leaves you with another question you want answered that makes you turn to the next page. Looking forward to what he writes next.

  6. Jayne1004

    I loved that this novel was so full of suspense yet also had a thread of humor throughout mainly with the character Herman. The narrator did a wonderful job of giving each person a special personality so it was super easy to enjoy each one that was introduced throughout the storytelling. I highly recommend!

  7. Kristy W.

    Kill The Messenger is a great read for any mystery fan. Not only did I find myself caught up in the story line but also with the characters. The protagonist, Herman, is living a life of self-loathing and cynicism until he finds himself pulled into a conspiracy that appears to reawaken him. Definitely recommend and can’t wait until the next book is out (I think April 2020?) to see what Herman is up to.

  8. Tim Sanders

    I wasn’t aware of this author when this was recommended to me. Come to find out this is his first novel, so I guess that explains it. I’m often guilty of foregoing new authors (the shame, I know) but the description was interesting, so I gave it a shot. I’m glad I did.

    Bermuda focuses on Herman, a journalist who once worked in DC but left when it broke his spirit. He receives a strange package that indicates a government contractor is planning to drug a water supply in Florida. The “drug” has a cumulative effect that can be used to manipulate citizens who have it in their system. I won’t go further into that so as not to spoil anything.

    The book opens with a chase. The target of this chase is George, a scientist who works for the company in question. This chase sequence hooked me quickly; it was visceral, effective, and did a solid job of establishing the character of George. The scientist escapes his pursuers, leading to the introduction of a character known only as the tall man. His introduction is simultaneously creepy, funny, and terrifying.

    The story, while primarily following Herman and George, occasionally branches off to focus on others who are investigating the company. The company, in turn, has sent out groups to “control” these investigators.

    I found the pace of the story to be good, moving between action and suspense. There is also a consistent presence of humor, mainly via Herman and his friend Ray. The humor isn’t overwhelming in a way that detracts from the story, which is a plus for me. The characters are well-written and believable but, most importantly, I found them to be interesting.

    I would recommend this book to fans of suspense, action, thrillers. It’s different in a good way and I hope to find more from the author.

  9. Lilly Mandy A.

    This book is a great read! It is action packed! I read it in two days! You have to read this!

  10. Tony Duxbury

    A dastardly plot by a mysterious company with government connections is exposed by some of the company employees. Some die to expose the experimental research into mass population control. One engineer manages to contact the media. From there, various journalists pick up the ball to let the world know what is happening. Fighting against unknown technology and killers, they struggle to tell the world.

  11. Govno Nichevo

    I thought this was a good read. I found it to be an engaging story.

  12. Kindle Customer

    This story was a frightening one and I couldn’t stop reading. Had a hard time keeping up with all the players but a great read.

  13. Ashleigh O’Briant

    Absolutely a gripping thrill ride. I couldn’t put it down. Herman’s wit is never ending.

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