strange skies


Strange Skies

RELEASED: November 13th, 2021

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“Something’s wrong. These aren’t clouds.”

July 17, 1987.

A typical summer day in Bisbee, Arizona, is rolling along. The weather is beautiful, providing a picturesque backdrop for hikers, tourists, and everyone else lucky enough to be around.

As dusk falls and people settle into their evening routines, a large thunderstorm rolls in without warning. Unfortunately for the town’s residents, it’s bringing much more than just rain and lightning.

At the local radio station, calls pour in from frantic listeners. They report bizarre and macabre events unfolding throughout town. When the power at the station goes out, the host finds out just how bad the situation is.

Is this strange storm causing mass hysteria, or is there something in the clouds? Beyond that, will anyone be left alive once the storm breaks?

Settle in with Strange Skies and find out… just make sure you leave the lights on.

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