Kill The Messenger

Herman Ingram Book One

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Kill The Messenger

RELEASED: As Bermuda on August 3rd, 2018. Re-released as Kill The Messenger on July 22nd, 2022

AVAILABLE FORMATS: eBook / Paperback / Hardcover / Audiobook (as Bermuda)

SERIES: Herman Ingram



Herman Ingram was a rising star in the journalism world, but a series of failures have left him struggling to make a name for himself.

When a mysterious package lands on his doorstep, containing evidence of a sinister conspiracy involving a water treatment facility in Bermuda, Florida, and a deadly bio-metallic alloy, Herman is determined to prove his worth and uncover the truth.

He assembles a team of fellow journalists and sets out to investigate. But as they dig deeper, they find themselves in a deadly game of cat and mouse with powerful forces determined to keep the conspiracy under wraps. Herman must use his wit and resourcefulness to stay alive and get the story out, but will the truth be worth the cost?

Kill The Messenger is a suspenseful, action-packed thriller with a protagonist whose sarcastic wit makes even the direst of circumstances easier to bear. If you enjoy intricate webs of intrigue and suspense, you’ll love this thrilling ride!

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