The Devil's Backyard

Herman Ingram Book Three


The Devil's Backyard

RELEASED: October 26th, 2020

AVAILABLE FORMATS: eBook / Paperback / Hardcover / Audiobook

SERIES: Herman Ingram



Herman Ingram thought he had seen it all, but some secrets are truly meant to stay buried. When a van belonging to a wealthy and powerful family breaks down on a deserted road, it falls prey to a group of ruthless masked attackers. The only message they leave behind is a cryptic warning: “Tell them we know.”

Herman’s curiosity is piqued when a friend asks him to investigate the incident. What starts as a routine inquiry quickly spirals into a dangerous game of cat and mouse as Herman uncovers a sinister weapon trafficking operation. He follows the trail to a remote lakeside burn site, where he’s barely able to escape with his life.

Convinced that the traffickers were destroying evidence, Herman calls in a favor and has the pit excavated. But what he finds there is far worse than he ever imagined: a twisted web of corruption involving some of the most powerful and elite people in the state.

With the help of a vigilante group and a new ally, Herman sets out to take down the vile enterprise and expose the people behind it. But as the stakes get higher and the danger more intense, he starts to wonder if the truth is worth the cost. Will he be able to bring the conspirators to justice, or will they bury the truth forever?

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