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The History of Pro Hockey in North Carolina

north carolina hockey

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A Storm In Carolina

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suspense kindle unlimited

The Hangman's Soliloquy

Herman Ingram Book Two

He thinks the worst has passed...

He's dead wrong.

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Herman Ingram told the story of his career but, as the luster fades, he finds himself lost. His mental health declining, Herman becomes a recluse.

Then, an unexpected visit from an unlikely friend brings news: someone is demolishing QNI’s remaining facilities. An offer is extended to Herman, not to participate, but to document the destruction.

Greg Schultz, a former QNI executive, is the mastermind. He’s assembled a small army and is determined to finish what Herman started. The loss of his family drove Schultz to seek revenge, but it has also fractured his sanity. When one of his scout teams is murdered, his calm facade begins cracking.

As Herman looks into Schultz’s team, he realizes one member may be a mole guiding them into a trap. Can he expose the spy before they all meet an explosive end?

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suspense kindle unlimited

suspense kindle unlimited