the hangman's soliloquy

The Hangman's Soliloquy (Herman Ingram Book 2)

He thought the worst was over, only to discover he was navigating a treacherous path straight into the heart of darkness. He was wrong. Dead wrong, he realized, as the specter of his fears emerged from the shadows, hungry for reckoning.

In the aftermath of his explosive exposé, Herman Ingram believed he had escaped the clutches of a haunting past. Little did he know, the echoes of danger were far from over. Plunged into a mental tailspin, Herman becomes a recluse, haunted by his own discoveries.

Just when he thinks he’s reached the abyss, a familiar face emerges from the shadows. Greg Schultz, a former QNI executive, presents Herman with a proposition that shatters his fragile peace. A vengeful mission is underway to destroy the remaining QNI facilities, and Schultz needs Herman to chronicle the destruction.

Herman grapples with the unsettling realization that his once-enemy, Schultz, might not be as unhinged as he had initially believed. That changes after the murder of two of Schultz’s scouts shocks everyone and raises suspicions of a traitor among them. Racing against time, Herman must unmask the mole before they all fall prey to a lethal trap.

With stakes soaring and the body count rising, can Herman survive the deadly onslaught long enough to pen the harrowing tale of his life? Unravel the suspense in this heart-pounding thriller where betrayal lurks in the shadows, and every moment could be Herman’s last.

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Tim Sanders