A Kindle Vella Episodic Thriller

Blood Red Road

One road. Two men. No survivors.

Evil twists the mind...

A psychopath travels along a lonely highway in the Western United States. For him, each small town is nothing more than a buffet of victims waiting to serve his twisted desires.

On his trail is a man bent on justice—at any cost. Fighting to keep his own demons at bay, he’s tracking a killer who manages to stay one step ahead.

The body count rises as these two engage in a deadly game of cat and mouse, one in which the last man standing can claim victory.


1. And So It Begins

2. A Dream of Death

3. Bowman

4. Sorry About the Tire

5. The Butcher's Ballad

6. Pointing the Way

7. Upended in Roker

8. A Shot in the Dark

9. The Vision

10. Don't Lose Your Head, Bill

11. Polaris

12. Bloodbath in Walker (Part One)

13. Bloodbath in Walker (Part Two)

14. Ragdoll

15. Coming Down the Stretch

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