Blood Red Road

An Episodic Thriller

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Blood Red Road

FIRST EPISODE: May 7th, 2021



Copper is a man driven by the need for vengeance. Riding the ragged edge of sanity, he’s on the trail of a sadistic killer who has carved a path through the American southwest.

Long after giving up his lawman life, Copper relentlessly pursues a man who leaves bodies wherever he goes, known only as “T. G.” Beyond Copper’s desire to bring the murderer to justice, he must rescue the only person T. G. has ever taken alive: his daughter.

Through small towns forgotten by time, Copper tracks his quarry, often visited by ghosts.

Yeah, he periodically has conversations with a few of T. G.’s victims, though an experimental anti-psychotic helps lessen the frequency of their visits.

Will Copper bring down his bounty, or will he end up as prey?


  1. And So It Begins
  2. A Dream Of Death
  3. Bowman
  4. Sorry About The Tire
  5. The Butcher’s Ballad
  6. Pointing The Way
  7. Upended In Roker
  8. A Shot In The Dark
  9. The Vision
  1. Don’t Lose Your Head, Bill
  2. Polaris
  3. Bloodbath In Walker (Part One)
  4. Bloodbath In Walker (Part Two)
  5. Ragdoll
  6. Coming Down The Stretch
  7. Dark Memories
  8. Shannon

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