Random Synapse Misfire, Vol. One


Experience the macabre and the horrid as they hide in plain sight. In the darkness, there’s no escape, no turning back, and nowhere to hide.

Hoxie is a chilling tale of a seemingly idyllic Midwestern town that becomes a nightmare when an industrial accident unleashes a horror unlike any other. As the death toll mounts and the townspeople are consumed by fear and paranoia, a small group of survivors must fight to uncover the truth and escape the darkness before it’s too late.

Lights Out is a gripping noir thriller that follows Lenny, a small-time crook, and his crew as they are lured into a deadly trap by a too-good-to-be-true offer. But as they soon discover, some offers come with a steep price, and the consequences of their actions will haunt them to the bitter end.

The Night Ferry is a heart-pounding tale of survival that follows a small group of travelers as they encounter a strange and lethal phenomenon while taking the final crossing of the night. Trapped on a ferry with no way off, they must fight to stay alive as they are stalked by a sinister force that threatens to claim them all.

The stories in Random Synapse Misfire, Vol. One will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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