Night Driver


Welcome to Eden Falls, a small town where life flows like a gentle stream, uneventful yet comforting. That tranquility shatters when a sleek 1969 Mercury Cougar purrs into town.

It’s the summer of 1993. Adam, Paul, and Terry—three middle school friends—bide their time with junk food, video games, and nightly excursions around town. They indulge in wild rumors about the classic car and the intentions of its driver. Soon, a rash of disappearances rock Eden Falls, putting the boys’ imaginations into overdrive.

After a group of teenagers—including Adam’s sister, Jenny—make a grisly discovery, it becomes clear that something very wrong is going on. When the trio of friends witness a macabre series of events, they erase any doubt about the driver’s involvement. Worse yet, Adam watches as the Cougar pulls away with the latest victim: Jenny.

Adam, along with his grandfather, follows the trail to a new mine being constructed outside of town. Whatever secrets the driver holds are inside and, if they’re going to save Jenny and the other townspeople, they have to act fast. Can they stop the supernatural evil before it devours Eden Falls whole?

With its blend of mystery, nostalgia, and gut-wrenching thrills, Night Driver is a gripping tale that will keep you turning pages late into the night. Prepare to be transported to a town where nothing is as it seems and where every shadow holds a secret waiting to be revealed.

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