What Does the Alex Nedeljkovic Trade Mean?

Alex Nedeljkovic

Heated Reactions Mark Nedeljkovic Trade By JEB BOHN Woo boy. Carolina Hurricanes Twitter was at DEFCON 1 this afternoon when news broke that the team had shipped off goaltender Alex Nedeljkovic in exchange for the rights to fellow netminder Jonathan Bernier and a 3rd round pick in the 2021 NHL Draft. Are things as bad […]

Radkey’s Exciting Rise

Radkey’s Exciting Rise The Brothers Radke are taking the rock world by storm, and doing it their way. By JEB BOHN If you’re a rock fan, you need to check Radkey out. Imagine walking through your hometown one evening, just as the sun gives way to dusk. You hear a distant rumble, wondering if you […]

The Never-Ending Threat of IP Theft

The Never-Ending Threat of IP Theft By JEB BOHN You’re a creator. You love what you do. Maybe it’s what you do for a living; maybe it’s not. Then, one day you’re browsing the internet. Perhaps you got curious and Googled yourself. You see the usual results: your website, social media accounts, a few interviews.  […]

Hurricanes Re-Sign Brind’Amour to 3-Year Contract

Hurricanes Re-Sign Brind’Amour to 3-Year Contract By JEB BOHN Sometimes an announcement comes as little surprise while managing to deliver great relief. The announcement that the Carolina Hurricanes reached an agreement with their head coach—and Jack Adams finalist—Rod Brind’Amour on a new 3-year contract was one that fans expected, though many would be less than […]

Maximum Overdrive – WTFlashback

Maximum Overdrive – WTFlashback By JEB BOHN Maximum Overdrive. What else is there to say? Well, I suppose I could explain how I came to find this movie and why I love it. So, grab a drink—just not from a vending machine—and ignore the jingling of that ice cream truck. The Beginning Growing up in […]

American Airlines Flight 191: the Worst Aviation Accident in US History

American Airlines Flight 191

American Airlines Flight 191: The Worst Aviation Accident in US History By JEB BOHN American Airlines Flight 191 should have been a standard flight from Chicago to Los Angeles. Instead, the name conjures horrifying visions of an aircraft in distress, a flight crew unable to recover, and the last moments of 273 lives. The DC-10: […]

PSA 182: A Tragic Lack of Awareness

PSA 182

PSA 182: A Tragic Lack of Awareness By JEB BOHN Monday, September 25, 1978, was a typical day in San Diego: warm and sunny with clear skies giving an estimated 10 miles of visibility. It was a perfect morning to fly. By day’s end, the city and the aviation industry would be forever altered. Just […]

The Dynamic Duo That Didn’t Deliver In Denver

Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne with the Colorado Avalanche

The Dynamic Duo That Didn’t Deliver In Denver By JEB BOHN In hockey’s hallowed history, few duos have been as absolutely electric as Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne. For parts of six seasons, the twosome formed a dynamic offensive flair while playing for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. When Selanne was traded to the San […]

ACX: Turn Your Novel Into An Audiobook

ACX: Turn Your Novel Into An Audiobook By JEB BOHN As writers, we are—among other things—always looking to reach new readers. Well, perhaps markets would be a better word because today I am going to talk about a medium that doesn’t actually involve reading. Make sense? I thought not. Moving on. In previous blogs, we […]

Draft2Digital: Going Wide Made Easy


In my last entry, we talked about the pros and cons of going exclusive with Amazon’s KDP Select program. Today, we’ll take a quick look at Draft2Digital, a company that makes it easy to publish your book(s) to several marketplaces. So, You Want to Go Wide You’ve decided that you want to make your work […]