Trevor Kidd

Trevor Kidd Trevor Kidd Trevor Kidd: A Fresh Start for a former 1st round pick Jeb Bohn This is the second in a series of posts looking back at the…

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Terrifier is a Gore-Filled Good Time For Fans of Grimy Horror By Jeb Bohn Facebook Twitter Instagram terrifier terrifierAs a kid, one of my favorite rituals was wandering the horror…

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Air Canada Flight 621

Aviation has always fascinated me. It started as a child with trips to Raleigh-Durham International Airport to pick up or drop off family members. This was a time when anyone could enter the terminal area and go to whichever gate they wanted.

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Radkey Are Taking the Rock World by Storm

Imagine walking through your hometown one evening, just as the sun gives way to dusk. You hear a distant rumble, wondering if you should have grabbed an umbrella. As you continue your stroll, you dear drums and realize—despite all indications—it's not thunder. The bass kicks in, threatening to send the USGS on a wild goose chase. Then a guitar roars to life, its raw tone delivering a mix of riffs that'll grow hair on your chest and melodies that'll make you certain some majestic dinosaur has set itself ablaze.

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