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come to Eden Falls.

night driver by Jeb Bohn

Welcome to Eden Falls, an idyllic town nestled in the foothills of the Ganiyegi Mountains. From the outside, everything seems completely normal and happy.

It’s the first day of summer vacation, presenting a much-needed break for 12-year-old Adam Kemper. Struggling with the death of his father, Adam looks forward to hanging out with his best friends, Paul and Terry. The trio plan to while away the days riding their bikes, watching gross-out movies, and playing video games.

With evening settling in, the boys ride down to the gas station owned by Adam’s grandfather, Bill. He’s promised Moon Pies and soda to celebrate the end of the school year. As he waits for their arrival, he witnesses a black 1969 Mercury Cougar speeding into town. Its rumbling exhaust and green headlights send a chill down Bill’s spine.

Elsewhere, Adam’s older sister, Jenny, is driving around with friends when the strange car speeds past them. While the others are amused by the reckless display, Jenny is more concerned. The group heads out to a park at the edge of a forest, accompanied by a cooler full of beer. When two of the friends go deeper into the woods, they stumble upon a grisly scene consisting of mutilated animals. They argue over the cause, some believing a bear to be the culprit. Deep inside, Jenny doesn’t believe any natural force is responsible.

The town’s population soon experiences a rash of mysterious disappearances. The boys’ collective imagination focuses on the town’s newest visitor and his car. When the driver begins stalking them, they’re forced into a position where their only option is to fight back.

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horror books

horror books