Random Synapse Misfire, Vol. Two – Paperback


In his second horror anthology novella, Jeb Bohn brings you three more twisted tales that will keep you glued to the pages into the wee hours of the morning.


Take another trip into a world where everything is slightly obscured and just a little…off.

Headlights – Delmar Greene is driving cross-country when an eerie set of headlights illuminate his rearview mirror. As the vehicle moves to pass him, a brilliant light fills its cabin and it becomes clear this is no ordinary case of road rage.

The Wait – A accident has traffic stopped on I-70 near Lawrence. Confusion hits the travelers when the first responders suddenly flee. An EAS broadcast explains their sudden departure but leaves people panicked.

Dreaming With A Broken Mind – Eddie Knorr is enjoying a cup of coffee and watching a storm roll in when a strange sensation overtakes him. Everything seems familiar yet somehow wrong. No one is around except for an old man who seems to know exactly what’s going on.

Also available: ebook (Kindle)

Get your ebook copy today, and don’t forget to check out Vol. One (Vol. One available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook formats)


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