Random Synapse Misfire, Vol. One – audiobook


Get the audiobook version of Jeb Bohn’s horror anthology novella, Random Synapse Misfire, Vol. One; narrated by John Delino Ziegler, Jr.


People always say “There’s more than meets the eye”, but they rarely realize just how true those words are. Behind every mundane situation that goes on, there are innumerable circumstances that led to that exact event. Sometimes they are average, ordinary things that each of us experiences day in and day out, but sometimes things happen that lack a logical explanation. Others have a seemingly obvious reason that is so far fetched that it becomes unbelievable. Can you trust your eyes when there’s no time to rationalize? Will fear rule you?

Hoxie tells the story of a small, midwestern town thrown into terror and chaos after an industrial “accident”.

Lights Out follows Lenny, a small-time crook and his crew who find out that some too-good-to-be-true offers are just that…and worse.

The Night Ferry focuses on a small group of travelers who encounter a strange and deadly force while taking the final crossing of the night.

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2 hours and 50 minutes

Narrated by:

John Delino Ziegler, Jr


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