must read books

must read books

Angle Of Attack

Herman Ingram Book 4

A brand-new aircraft crashes outside of Philadelphia, killing everyone on board. A video capturing the final moments of the flight emerges, sparking concern and terror.

When a second plane plunges into the waters off North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Herman begins his own investigation.

A mysterious deformation on one plane’s engine draws his attention and seems to point directly at an act of sabotage. Herman’s sure he’s on the right path, but can he prove it?

Can he expose the truth before more planes fall from the sky?

The Herman Ingram Series


A Storm In Carolina

A Storm In Carolina


Since 1956, seven cities in North Carolina have hosted professional hockey teams.

Spread across 14 leagues, these teams have captured 15 championships and featured both former and future NHL players, as well as a brief appearance by Evel Knievel.

Grab a copy of A Storm In Carolina and immerse yourself in the history of pro hockey in North Carolina!

Strange Skies


July 17, 1987

A violent storm rolls into Bisbee, Arizona.

Calls begin pouring into a local radio show from frantic citizens.

Something else came in with the clouds…

Strange Skies

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must read books
Blood Red Road - web

Blood Red Road

Episodic Thriller

A psychopath travels along a lonely highway in the Western United States.

On his trail is a man bent on justice—at any cost.

The body count rises as these two engage in a deadly game of cat and mouse, one in which the last man standing can claim victory.

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