must read books 2022

must read books 2022


Herman Ingram Book One

Herman Ingram is an award-winning journalist, his determination to expose the truth fueled by a dogged determination and outright stubbornness.

After a decade spent at the most prestigious newspaper in Washington, D. C., Herman abruptly returns to his hometown. The endless corruption his career brought him in contact with has whittled his optimism into sarcasm and cynicism.

Now running his own news site, Herman continues to break stories and gain acclaim, though his hope to truly make a difference fades. One morning, a mysterious package lands on his porch, its contents detailing the plans of a major research company to dump an unknown, man-made substance into a major water source.

Herman learns that a handful of journalists received similar packages, each sent by a scientist named George Wilman. Once George realized the implications of the project, he fled, hoping to expose the vile enterprise and bring those responsible to justice.

As people investigating the claims start dying, Herman must decide how far he’s willing to go. With help from an unlikely ally, he enters the lion’s den in hopes of derailing their scheme.

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must read books 2022

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The Herman Ingram Series

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