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Kill The Messenger

Herman Ingram is a journalist in need of a big story. The arrival of a strange package gives him what he’s looking for. The catch? It may cost him his life.


The Hangman's Soliloquy

An unexpected visit brings Herman unwanted news: someone is targeting QNI’s remaining facilities, determined to bring them all down.


The Devil's Backyard

When an old friend asks a favor, Herman finds himself on the trail of a dark conspiracy. How far does it go?


The Last Cigarette

Estranged from his wife and son, Walter Regin has fallen into a state of malaise. That’s shattered when he sees an emergency broadcast proclaiming the outbreak of nuclear war.


Random Synapse Misfire, Vol. One

A trio of tales set in a world where everything is just a little bit—off. Visit a Midwestern farming town during an industrial accident; tag along on a home invasion gone horribly wrong. Just be sure to catch the last ferry of the night…


Random Synapse Misfire, Vol. Two

Another trio of tales where the ordinary is anything but. We’ll drop in on a man stuck somewhere between realities, engage with a driver suffering from supernatural road rage, and—wait a minute, there’s an emergency broadcast…


Strange Skies

A violent storm rolls into Bisbee, Arizona. When grotesque events take place throughout town, it becomes clear that something came in with the clouds…


A Storm In Carolina

Professional hockey has a 65+ year history in North Carolina. From the lowest minor leagues to the NHL, the state has seen all the majesty, insanity, and hilarity that are intrinsic to the game.


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