Herman Ingram to return in Angle of Attack

After enjoying an extended vacation, the cynical journalist is set to return with a new adventure later this year.

May 25th, 2024

A new airliner goes down near Wilmington, North Carolina. Herman receives a call from Chet Evers, a friend of his late father and a consultant on the downed airliner. Knowing Herman’s reputation, Chet asks him to poke around and see what he can find. Initially skeptical at the idea of interfering with an NTSB investigation, Herman agrees.

Aside from Chet’s standing with his family, the biggest factor in his participation is the fact that the lead investigator, Grace Watson, is an old friend. Despite knowing her words carry only so much weight, she warns Herman against anything that might jeopardize her work and, by extension, finding out what brought the plane down.

Meanwhile, Perry watches a rainy evening from the comfort of his office when a car speeds into the parking lot. A young man bursts in, desperate to find his missing brother. Perry accompanies his would-be client to his brother’s house, only to find a masked intruder leaving. Perry subdues the man and relieves him of a duffel bag containing a laptop and a flash drive. He soon learns the missing brother—a ground operations manager for a regional airline—was approached by an unknown person and given the drive.

As their work progresses, it becomes clear that Herman’s and Perry’s investigations are not only tied together, but that they also point toward the root of the catastrophic crash. Can they stop the chain reaction before more planes fall from the sky? 

Release Date: TBD