Carolina Hurricanes: Checking In At the 10-Game Mark

Final Thoughts

With the Carolina Hurricanes holding a 7-3 record, it’s hard to complain.

Yet here we are.

Okay, I don’t have complaints—outside of the NHL’s officiating—but I do have concerns about the team’s play that need to be addressed:

  • Return to form for Turbo: Teuvo Teravainen is a huge part of the Hurricanes’ offense. While his performance is understandable given the circumstances, this team is much more lethal when Teravainen is on his game.
  • Tighten up special teams: No, neither the power play nor the penalty kill has been bad but, with the team’s talent, both could be better. Games are won and lost on special teams and, in this strange season, wins are at a premium more than ever. Even a marginal improvement here could make a big difference.
  • Goaltending: Whatever happens, the goaltending has to be better. There’s not a loss this season (so far) that I blame solely on goaltending but a duo posting a sub-.900 save percentage isn’t going to get it done. Yes, there is time left but how much patience do the coaching staff and front office have in this shortened season?

The Carolina Hurricanes’ next game is Thursday against the Stars in Dallas.

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