Closing Time

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June 6, 1993, began like any other day in the small town of Windsor, North Carolina. By the end of the day, nothing in this community will ever be the same.

As 6 o’clock hits, the employees of the town’s Be-Lo grocery store are going through their closing tasks. A cleaning crew loads their equipment in as they prepare to wax the store’s floor.

What they don’t know is that someone else is in the store with them.

With the sun falling below the horizon, a call is placed to 911. The caller, fighting to get each word out, has been shot. Police descend on the store to find a grisly scene: three people are dead, two more are seriously injured.

The search begins for the killer, an investigation that carries on almost 30 years later. Leads carry police all over the country but the break they so desperately need continues to elude them.

What happened in the store that night and where has the killer gone?

Will the perpetrator of these unsolved murders ever be brought to justice?

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3 reviews for Closing Time

  1. RoxyAshie

    This is very good. Lots of information on local murders.

  2. David

    I came across this unsolved case and it raised so many questions in my mind. As I read Jeb’s book, I found he had the same questions I had and does a great job of answering them with the information that’s been let known. A great short read for a true crime lover. I really hope this case can be eventually solved for the families and town affected.

  3. Kindle Customer

    I was 9 years old when this transpired and everything about it still haunts my family. Years and years of being left in the dark haven’t made the events of that night any easier. It took years for me to actually ask about the full details of how my dad actually died (or was killed) and how to process that information. Trust me God will never forgive you for what you did and the slight hope you had of that is strangely comical. But Jeb thank you for helping shed light on this case and bringing it back into the light. Closure may happen one day…

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