The Hangman's Soliloquy

Herman Ingram Book 2

Jeb Bohn's The Hangman's Soliloquy


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It’s been six months since the destruction of QNI’s headquarters. The aftermath has thrown Herman Ingram into a mental tailspin. Lauded as a hero for his part in exposing the company’s corruption, Herman finds himself struggling to maintain his sanity.
Herman is inching closer to his breaking point when he is recruited by Greg Schultz, a former QNI executive whose family was murdered. Now determined to eliminate the remaining corporate facilities, Schultz invites Herman to document his quest for vengeance. While Schultz is intelligent and driven, something darker is taking hold of him.
As people start dying, Herman wonders if the company is trying to protect their remaining assets or if the charismatic Schultz is orchestrating the chaos.
Can he get to the truth before more people are killed or will he follow Schultz’ descent into madness?

Find out in The Hangman's Soliloquy, Jeb Bohn's high-octane sequel to his debut suspense-thriller Bermuda.

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