The Last Cigarette

Novellas - Jeb Bohn's The Last Cigarette
A National Emergency Broadcast takes over every TV and radio station.

nuclear strike against several U.S. cities is imminent and citizens are urged to take shelter immediately.

Walter Regin‘s thoughts turn to his estranged wife and beloved son, 900 miles away.

Is there any hope, or is it already too late?
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Random Synapse Misfire, Vol. One

A horror anthology novella

Random Synapse Misfire, Vol. 1
A trio of bone-chilling horror stories that are bound to keep you up well past your bedtime:

A midwestern town is thrown into terror and chaos after an industrial accident.

A small-time crook finds out that some jobs are too-good-to-be-true.

Travelers encounter a strange and lethal phenomenon while taking the last ferry of the night.
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Random Synapse Misfire, Vol. Two

Random Synapse Misfire, Vol. 2
A man wakes up in a world around him that almost seems normal.

A cross-country traveler notices headlights growing uncomfortably close in his rearview.

An emergency broadcast is cut short in the midst of a traffic jam on a Kansas interstate. As the drivers converge, it becomes clear that something is very wrong.
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