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Kindle Vella Episodic Thriller

One road. Two men. No survivors.

A psychopath travels along a lonely highway in the Western United States. For him, each small town is a buffet of victims waiting to serve his twisted desires.

On his trail is a man bent on justice—at any cost. Fighting to keep his own demons at bay, he’s tracking a killer who manages to stay one step ahead.

The body count rises as these two engage in a deadly game of cat and mouse, one in which the last man standing can claim victory.


1. And So It Begins

2. A Dream of Death

3. Bowman

4. Sorry About the Tire

5. The Butcher's Ballad

6. Pointing the Way

7. Upended in Roker

8. A Shot in the Dark

9. The Vision

10. Don't Lose Your Head, Bill

11. Polaris

12. Bloodbath in Walker (Part One)


kindle vella