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The History of Pro Hockey in North Carolina

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A Storm In Carolina

best books 2022

best books 2022

Kill The Messenger

Herman Ingram Book One

He wanted a story...

This one could cost his life.

kill the messenger




Herman Ingram is a man of many traits: cynical, sarcastic, dogged. He’s also a journalist who’s tired of telling the same story. The unbridled optimism of his youth is long gone, yet he still craves the opportunity to make a difference.

Luckily, he’s about to get the chance.

The catch? It may cost his life.

When a strange package shows up on his doorstep, it intrigues Herman. Inside, he finds documentation on a revolutionary water treatment plant under construction in Central Florida, along with plans to introduce a synthetic additive to a water source that supplies millions. His research yields unsettling results—one scientist is dead; another is on the run—all of which point to a research facility in a town called Bermuda.

Can Herman—aided by his mentor and a small band of allies—put an end to this scheme, or will those responsible sacrifice him in the name of progress?

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best books 2022

best books 2022

best books 2022